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New South Wales is poised to win the 2017 State of Origin Series at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium on Wednesday night. That is the tale of the tape in 2017 State of Origin Game 3 betting markets at , where the Blues remain outright $1.75 favourites to beat Queensland ($2.15) who…


Here at State of Origin news we will keep you up to date with all the latest stories and info on Australia’s most competitive and challenging rugby league tournament. Info on the players, competition, tickets, past State of Origin results and more can all be found here. If you have an interest in the game, or want to get on board the exciting betting markets as they open for the State of Origin, then this is the place to visit!

Considered the toughest rugby league competition across the globe, since its inauguration in 1980 the State of Origin has amassed millions of fans and punters as the tournament is played to sell-out stadiums every match. Each season the number of bets placed on the game increases, as the popularity and status of the State of Origin continues to grow. There are millions of people eager to hear the latest State of Origin news every year and find out information such as what players have made the teams, when tickets for the State of Origin matches are going on sale, what the selected players are up to in the weeks leading up to the matches, and the betting odds for the tournament. What are the best State of Origin bets? All these questions and more will be answered on this site as Australia’s greatest interstate rivalry approaches.

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State of Origin Squad Selection:

State of Origin teams are among the strongest sides in Rugby League worldwide.

Around May to June every year, midway through the NRL Telstra Premiership, the nation is captivated by the best-of-three series of rugby league played by two elite and highly competitive teams, the Queensland Maroons (‘cane toads’) and the New South Wales Blues (‘cockroaches’). The squad for each team are players selected from the NRL to represent their state, and are a quality representation of the strong and agile sportsmen that play professional rugby league in Australia. Players are chosen according to the state where they first played senior rugby league, not their current club, hence the name ‘state of origin’. Pulling on a State of Origin jersey is considered one of the greatest honours in Australian sport.

This selection process means club teammates become rivals, and all alliances are put on hold for the battle that pits “state against state and mate against mate”. Teams for the NSW Blues and Queensland Maroons squads are announced approximately two weeks before the opening State of Origin match, and the players to make each team is big news across Australia as fans find out if their favourite players will be competing, and the punters betting on players to be handed State of Origin positions for that season find out if they made the winning selections! Find out who made each team as soon as the announcement is in right here.

State of Origin Tickets:

Other big news is when the State of Origin tickets are released. Tickets for the three matches usually go on sale during the first week of March, and exact ticket release dates will be announced on this site closer to game time. Also find out which State of Origin games are due to be held at what venues. Each season Sydney’s ANZ Stadium and Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium alternate who has the two of three match home ground advantage, and here at State of Origin news you will be able to find out first where the games will be played.

State of Origin News – Past State of Origin Results:
State of Origin history is long and rich, with a number of historians documenting different aspects of the game.

Year Game 1 Winner & Score Game 2 Winner & Score Game 3 Winner & Score Series Winner / Shield Holder

2015 QLD 11-10 NSW 26-18 QLD 52-6 QLD

2014 NSW 12-8 NSW 6-4 QLD 32-8 NSW

2013 NSW 14-6 QLD 26-6 QLD 12-10 QLD

2012 QLD 18-10 NSW 16-12 QLD 21-20 QLD

2011 QLD 16-12 NSW 18-8 QLD 34-24 QLD

2010 QLD 28-24 QLD 34-6 QLD 23-18 QLD

2009 QLD 28-18 QLD 24-14 NSW 28-16 QLD

2008 NSW 18-10 QLD 30-0 QLD 16-10 QLD

2007 QLD 25-18 QLD 10-6 NSW 18-4 QLD

2006 NSW 17-16 QLD 30-6 QLD 16-14 QLD

2005 QLD 24-20 NSW 32-22 NSW 32-10 NSW

2004 NSW 9-8 QLD 22-18 NSW 36-14 NSW

2003 NSW 25-12 NSW 27-4 QLD 36-6 NSW

2002 NSW 32-4 QLD 26-18 DRAW 18-18 DRAW (QLD RETAINS)

2001 QLD 34-16 NSW 26-8 QLD 40-14 QLD

2000 NSW 20-16 NSW 28-10 NSW 56-16 NSW

1999 QLD 9-8 NSW 12-8 DRAW 10-10 DRAW (QLD RETAINS)

1998 QLD 24-23 NSW 26-10 QLD 19-4 QLD

1997 NSW 8-6 NSW 15-14 QLD 18-12 NSW

1996 NSW 14-6 NSW 18-6 NSW 15-14 NSW

1995 QLD 2-0 QLD 20-12 QLD 24-16 QLD

1994 QLD 16-12 NSW 14-0 NSW 27-12 NSW

1993 NSW 14-10 NSW 16-12 QLD 24-12 NSW

1992 NSW 14-6 QLD 5-4 NSW 16-4 NSW

1991 QLD 6-4 NSW 14-12 QLD 14-12 QLD

1990 NSW 8-0 NSW 12-6 QLD 14-10 NSW

1989 QLD 36-6 QLD 16-12 QLD 36-16 QLD

1988 QLD 26-18 QLD 16-6 QLD 38-22 QLD

1987 NSW 20-16 QLD 12-6 QLD 10-8 QLD

1986 NSW 22-16 NSW 24-20 NSW 18-16 NSW

1985 NSW 18-2 NSW 24-20 QLD 20-6 NSW

1984 QLD 29-12 QLD 14-2 NSW 22-12 QLD

1983 QLD 24-12 NSW 10-6 QLD 43-22 QLD

1982 NSW 20-16 QLD 11-7 QLD 10-5 QLD

1981 QLD 22-15 QLD

1980 QLD 20-10 QLD

The first two Rugby League State of Origin series were comprised of only a single game.

State of Origin News – Betting:

As with all rugby league games in Australia, State of Origin betting is big business! There is lots of money to be made with the large prize pools and extensive bet types offered on the matches. We will update you with all of the State of Origin odds and news as the bookmakers open their markets for the matches. What NRL players have the best odds for an Origin position? What are the odds on Queensland to win game one? Does NSW have better odds to take home the shield? Find out here as the betting news becomes available!

So whether you want to bet on the State of Origin and profit from the most exciting rugby league tournament in Australia, or you just want to know all there is to know about the game you love, then this is the site to visit come State of Origin game time!